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local.yahoo.com 10/12/2010
A friend with curly hair recommended Jo to me after listening to me complain that my stylist always blows my hair out straight. I have curly hair. I like it and I wanted a stylist who does too. Jo was great. Indeed, everyone in the salon is welcoming and it has a good vibe. The cut and explanation were great and very helpful. Lots of tips on how to get the best from your curls. The cut has stayed great! I will definitely be going back.


yelp.com 10/1/10

A pleasant experiment. My hair is more fine- wavey than curly, and I  was looking for a change.. Both my sisters are Deva girls and one goes to Jo Bruno/Jesse regularly and her hair looks excellent. A comfortable-professional salon, both Jo and Jesse recommended as great stylists. They do sttraight or curly haircuts- but clearly- really know how to bring on and manage the curl. All ages and style and ethnicities included. I like the Deva product and hope it will make my hair look as good as the rest of the clientelle in the salon when I was last there! ... Making appts, follow up, reminders, online info- all great and convenient.


local.yahoo.com 9/30/10

This was a fantastic experience. Right when I walked through the door I was warmly greeted. Not even a minute later Jesse was ready for me. She really helped me pick a good dye color. She went over exactly what she was going to do, and since we were bleeching my hair she was really concerned with making sure it didn't burn my sensitive scalp. I was able to go on the computer while the bleach settled in my hair. This was very convenient. The final product was amazing! I absolutely loved how well she matched my root touch up color to my blonde hair. I am going to school here for the next 4 years and I will go to Jesse for all my hair needs. This is an amazing salon!


maps.google.com 9/21/10
I have long wavy/curly hair and had gone to the same hairstylist for fifteen years. My friend has beautiful curly hair and suggested I go to Jo Bruno the next time I needed a haircut. I was interested in trying something new, and was able to make an appointment for the next week. The salon is clean and has a very inviting atmosphere. Jo is sweet and friendly and my haircut is wonderful. I love the shape of it. This haircut and experience was absolutely worth the money. I was shown exactly how to care for my hair and I liked the products so much that I bought them. I am now in love with Devacurl! I will definitely be back for my next haircut and I will be recommending this salon to my friends.


naturallycurly.com 9/20/10
I stumbled upon this salon on yelp.com and the reviews were amazing. The website is soo down to earth. I was already feeling comfortable without even calling. You get to meet all the stylist and their personalities background and so forth on line. I called and they booked me right in for the same day. I had been hesitant for years because I was afraid someone might screw up my hair. It was very long and I had died it blue black and wanted to cut it off. I wasn't aware of a curl specializing salon. OMG the best thing ever!!! So, I got my first curly cut about a month ago I waited a while to write a review to see how I would still feel about the cut and I must say I love it!!! I still get compliments everyday for it. I'm usually known for the long crazy curly hair now it's just like ohhhh my GGG I love it!!! Luvena was amazing she listened and asked questions went through the tutorial on how to care for my hair and so forth. She made me feel comfortable. We talked about our kids and life and just normal stuff. The staff was amazing. Coffee, tea, wine, water they were there. The atmosphere is great, relaxing, nice intimate. I purchased the curl conditioner that is btw amazing! The other good thing is that they didn't push to sell the products which is great and the reason why I bought it. Anyhow, love your curls, wear your curls, get expert cuts, styling tips, and an intimate friendly setting at Jo Bruno's. :)


client email 9/11/10
I was really pleased with my experience at Jo Bruno. I liked Jo’s laid back attitude (and we bonded on not being native new Englanders, and being pretty ok with that!) I appreciate a salon that ‘gets’ curly hair. I also really liked the emailed info and ability to make appointments via email. I’m guessing that work falls to you, so thanks!


client email 9/10/11
Love my haircut [by Luvena]. I've received so so so many compliments. I was encouraged to get haircuts more often. I will be back.


naturallycurly.com 9/6/10
I had a great experience at this salon. In the past, I had been going to a salon in Fairfield, CT, which also rated very highly on this site. I decided to switch to Jo Bruno when I had one of those "why-the-heck-am-I-spending-over-$100-on-a-haircut-when-I-am-a-broke-student" moments (just for the record, I paid less than half of that when I went to Jo Bruno). Luvena was amazing. I went in, told her the basic idea of what I had in mind, and let her take it from there. This was the first time I had ever had my hair cut dry, and I really liked it. She listened to everything I had to say, and made sure I was leaving the salon with exactly what I wanted. It was such a stress-free experience, I couldn't ask for more. Also, I really liked this salon's approach to "curl care"...The fact that I was given such straightforward, manageable, instructions as to what I was supposed to do after I left the salon was really refreshing, and I definitely plan to go back!

client email 9/2/10
Love the cut and color. Jesse did a great job and everyone was very friendly. Will be back. :)


client email 9/1/10
Hey, I love my new curly hair cut [by Luvena]...thanks again!


client email 9/1/10
I'm very pleased with my hair cut and dye [by Jo]. Thanks for teaching me about my curly hair. I will, for sure, make another appointment.

local.yahoo.com 9/1/10

I went for my first curly cut with Luvena and she was GREAT!! She showed me how to use the products and how to manage my curls. I am very Happy!!


maps.google.com 8/29/10

I went on the recommendation of friends and could not have been happier. Great haircut and a really warm, friendly environment. Luvena got where I was coming from, gave a skillful cut that looks great, and provided some technique to keep it that way without pushing a lot of products on me (although their products ARE great). I've been to lots of salons where they didn't incorporate me into their vision, where they just give you a cut that's popular or looked good on someone else... this one was sculpted just for me.


client email 8/27/10
:) Jane was great! Thanks to her, my highlights came out wonderful and I'm happy. Thanks for a great experience.


maps.google.com 8/26/10

I am always reluctant to try new places but I was pleasantly surprised by Jo Bruno Hair. I easily made my appointment online and received a response immediately, fitting me in for the very next day. Jesse did a wonderful job with my hair. She actually listened to what I wanted, which I find is not often the case, and she definitely knew what she was doing. My hair looks and feels great and I would definitely go back. Everyone was extremely nice and the atmosphere was terrific -- it was clean and friendly and not at all chi chi. Great experience.


naturallycurly.com 8/19/10

I have been trying my adult life to find someone that can cut and dye my frizzy,curly, grey resistant hair. This is the place! Jo was wonderful,she sculpted my hair dry to see how my curls (and frizz!) would fall. I was a little concerned at first because all I saw was a big puff head but boy oh boy, I should have never been worried. The cut turned out fantastic. Also, the coloring product has a double process to it and covered my hair with no problems. Other salons usually have to come back over my hair to ensure that the color will take. I am extremely happy and cant say enough about the salon.


naturallycurly.com 8/19/10

From start to finish, Jo Bruno Hair is a class act and extremely professional. With the ease of scheduling an appointment online (you even get three preferences for times and days) everything about the process is a dream. And in my 20+ years of getting haircuts in the finest salons in NYC and Boston, this has been the best experience to date. Jesse is an amazing stylist, suggests the best cut to compliment your features and is a true pro with coloring. I have fine, straight dark brown hair with a little wave at the ends. Jesse cut and texturized it and added layers and I love it. We also worked together to select a color with a little more "za za zoo" in it, a dark brown with red and violet hues and I couldn't be happier. I'm going back in a few weeks for a body wave and I'm sure I'll be returning for future cuts and colors. A+++++ for Jo Bruno!!!


maps.google.com 8/17/10

I used to go to a super high end salon in Northern, NJ and was so worried when I moved to CT, because I have basically had the same colorist and stylist since I was 15 and have been afraid to go to anyone else bc she knows EXACTLY what I want. When I moved, she told me to only go to a Wella salon where stylists are not generalists, but specialize in either cut or color. Even though this is not the case in Jo Bruno, I was desperate and decided to make an app't. Let me just say I was shocked. My hair color never looked so good. From cut, color, to style, I left the salon feeling great, and knew I was truly in the hands of a professional. Jane did my color, and was knowledgeable as can be. She is also just as good at cuts, as I decided to get one last minute (she had truly earned my trust), and boy was I happy. My hair felt the best it has in years! Also, all the products they use are top notch. Jane even gave me a bit of education when it comes to my hair, and ever since I have stopped putting damaging products in it and have been thrilled by the results. Go here. It is a hidden gem!


maps.google.com 8/17/10

I knew I wanted to cut a lot of hair off, but not much else when I went in to Jo Bruno. Luvena and Jesse were both terrific in helping me choose a hair style. Jesse works magic with her scissors. I recommend her to anyone, particularly if you want a change.


naturallycurly.com 8/13/10

I always had straight hair while growing up and had to get perms. I always hated waiting the 4 weeks for it to calm down enough to be able to style it! After having my son, 13 years ago, my hair has gotten curlier with each passing year and I kept trying to style it the way I always had been. Fast-forward to this year and my hair has really become unmanageable. I needed help in learning how to work with curly hair. I ran into a girl here at work with gorgeous, silky, wavy hair and asked her what her secret was. She said she learned how to work WITH her curl instead of against it by going to Jo Bruno Salon in New Haven. I had no idea that a hair cutting method and a few simple techniques for working with my hair after showering would make such a difference. No more frizzies! No more wild hair. My hair is gorgeous, silky and looks fantastic. I'm a believer and I can't believe how much curl my hair has on its own. Thank you Jo!


naturallycurly.com 8/12/10

Solid hair cut. I've had 3 good haircuts in my 32 years on this planet. Luvena provided one of them. I left the salon taller, better looking, slimmer and making more money. Enjoyed the banter. Nice clean facility (swept up hair 3 times while I was in the chair). Friendly checkin / checkout. See you in a few weeks.


merchantcircle.com 8/11/10

Jo Bruno did an excellent job on cutting my hair. I was very pleased and happy with my curls. I learn how to treat my curls and they were so helpful on how to style my curls. I got so many complements at home and work from friends. Oh, by the way, my husband loves it. Thank you Jo.


email 8/7/10

Just wanted to let you know that I have received a TON of compliments on my hair today! Best of all, I love the cut and the products I bought yesterday are awesome. Thanks, Jesse - it was great meeting you yesterday - I look forward to seeing you again in October!" –new client email, August 7, 2010


naturallycurly.com 8/6/10

I was TERRIFIED going in. It's actually been ten years since I went to a hair salon, I've just had friends trim off my dead ends once or twice a year and that was it. I was used to cuts for straight hair where they would blowdry me out and once I went home and shampoo-ed the cut would never look the same again. Luvena was very understanding of my attachment to my long hair, and managed to give me beautiful shape and layers without losing more than a couple inches. She also taught me how to treat my curls so they have definition and less frizz, and more than a week after the cut it's still looking amazing everyday. I couldn't be happier!


maps.google.com 8/6/10

You take a chance when you go to a new hairdresser, not knowing if they have any skill or how they will treat you... But pretty much from the moment I met the people who worked there I was comfortable with letting them handle my hair. Jane was really friendly, and took great care in her work...I am happy that I found a hair salon that I can trust with my hair.


naturallycurly.com 7/31/10

I've been to Luvena twice, with a year break in between. She does a fantastic job. The first time I wanted to maintain length but shape my cut, and that's what she did. This last time I wanted it shorter and shaped, and it looks great. The prices are reasonable as well...Plus, no one pushes you to buy products which makes me happy because I'm all set with the products I already use.


naturallycurly.com 7/23/10

Luvena is my favorite stylist to date! She is a hair artist, she listens to my requests and, plus, she is a total doll! You can be sure that I will be coming back for Luvena's haircuts for as long as I can. You can trust this salon with your curly hair. It's definitely worth your time and money.


maps.google.com 7/23/10

All my life I have kept my hair tied up in a ponytail, slicked back with gel to keep the flyaways held down, but now, thanks to Jesse and my first 'curly' cut I am appreciating how wonderful my curls are and how easy my hair is to style and enjoy!!! I love my curls and am happy to set them free at last!!!


local.yahoo.com 7/23/10

I am 42 years old and never appreciated my curls, until my fist "curly" cut with Jesse. My curls are amazing and I love them, as do all my family and friends. Everyone told me I look 10 years younger. Thank you Jesse for helping me to enjoy my curly hair!!!


maps.google.com 7/9/10

I had my first cut with Luvena on July 1st. While the price was PERFECT the experience was truly priceless. I have been to many hair dressers over the years and not even the best and most experienced could relate to having curly hair him or herself. I greatly appreciated the time Luvena took to get to know me and my hair and suggest a cut that fits my professional lifestyle. I can't wait to go back for my next cut (and to finish reading the curly hair book they sell)!


naturallycurly.com 7/7/10

I had my first 'curly cut' last week and could not be happier. I drove to New Haven from the Hartford area just for this salon! Luvena was very attentive and understanding of my needs for a professional style that embraced my curls. She really took the time to get to know me and my hair and I was grinning my entire way home! I have been using the recommended products since and my hair looks and feels fabulous. Unlike other salons I have been to, I was not pushed to purchase anything at all!


maps.google.com 7/7/10

I have curly hair, and have always struggled with finding a good salon and feeling comfortable that the people know what they're doing with my texture instead of just immediately straightening the heck out of it. I got an appointment the day after I called, the atmosphere was warm, intimate, and cozy. Jo knew exactly what she was doing, and made me feel good about my hair without having to fight it. I think I am going to stick with this place and recommend it to anyone with curls and even the frizziest of hair.

email 6/26/10

Hi! I came in Friday morning (the 25th) at 10:00 am to have my hair washed and styled by Luvena for a wedding Friday night. My hair was still ultra-curly and NOT frizzy at 3:00am on Saturday morning when I finally got home. Thank you SOOOO much! It was amazing to not have to worry about what my hair looked like - in fact, to know that it looked fantastic all day! You are all the best, and I am officially - still - a converted client for life!

naturallycurly.com 6/22/10

Since I was 16 I've been going to the same hair stylist to get my hair washed and set. I recently decided that I just wanted to be all natural and I knew my hair stylist wouldn't understand. My younger sister and three of my friends go to Luvena. So, I decided that now was the time to go to her. I absolutely love my hair cut. I had her cut all of my relaxer out and she cut my hair in to a beautiful style. I plan to keep going back to her. The salon has a great atmosphere and I've never seen anyone leave with a bad hair cut. I recommend this salon and Luvena in a heartbeat.

naturallycurly.com 6/19/10

I have been looking for years for someone who really understands curly hair. As a kid, I had to go to a barber, and as an adult, I finally just cut it off to about 1/4 inch so that I could always depend on what my hair would look like. A friend told me about the salon and I decided to give it a try. I can't begin so say how happy I am with my hair. I absolutely love it. And I got so many compliments on my hair that day that it was unreal. Thank you, Jesse. I am now really happy that I have my curls back and now they are GREAT curls!

merchantcircle.com 6/15/10

I wanted to try a 'dry cut' on my afro curly hair and I chose Jo Bruno salon. Luvena's cut was great and since I wear my hair loose...finally. My little daughter has her cut too and she's just proud to be a curly girl: she's been treated like a princess in the salon! All team is really friendly and nice. My husband is gonna tried too, I would definitely recommend it.

naturallycurly.com 6/14/10

I've just received this letter from my mother (I treated her to a curly cut with Jo during her visit last month): 'Thank you for treating me to a 'curly-girl' haircut with the famous and amazing Jo Bruno! It was an enlightening experience and after all these years I feel like I finally have a better understanding of how to treat my curly hair. When Jo told me: 'think of your hair as a fiber--like wool--and treat it that way’ WOW! What a shift! The fun thing is that I have less frizz and more curl! Many people (my sisters, friends and patients) have noticed.

naturallycurly.com 6/14/10

I've been going to the Devachan Salon in New York City for the past year and it got to be too expensive and just too much of a production. I was so happy to find the Jo Bruno Hair Salon in New Haven. They've got a great website which provides bios of each stylist along with a photo gallery of lots of curly hair cuts. I also read a great review about the salon and Jesse on this very website. So I made an appointment online and decided to give it a shot. I couldn't be happier. Jesse (and my haircut) exceeded my expectations. And it's almost a third of the price. If you have curly hair…this salon is a must!

mapsgoogle.com 6/10/10

For the first time I left a salon looking good! Every other salon I’ve gone to left me with a huge poofy mess, but not Jo Bruno. I was able to get an appointment on the same day I called, and Jo was ready for me as soon as I walked in. I wanted a big change, about 8 inches shorter, and I got a bit nervous after the first cut- no one had ever cut my hair dry, and talk about layers, would I look like a Christmas tree by the time I'm through? Well, they walked me through step by step on how to style it the DevaCurl way, and by the time I got to see my hair dry, I was sold. The DevaCurl products were much cheaper than even online, also a plus. I have also gotten so many compliments on it from anyone who sees it. Love it!

naturallycurly.com 6/2/10

I found Jo Bruno Hair from reviews on this website. I have fine wavy hair, and had previously gotten a Deva haircut, but it was too expensive to go back every time. I had a really good experience with Jo. She's very friendly, and the entire salon is very non-intimidating, and a nice relaxing atmosphere. My cut was great - I'm growing it out, and she didn't take off much length at the back (in fact, it didn't really look any shorter than when I went in, which was great). She showed me that my hair was uneven, and shorter on one side, and then evened it out, and gave me a few more layers around my face. Just subtle changes, but they made a big difference. My hair falls more naturally now than it did after previous cuts. Jane washed and styled my hair (with all Deva products), and talked me through the entire procedure, which was great. All in all, I'm very happy and will definitely go back for my next haircut. Prices are extremely reasonable, as well.

local.yahoo.com 5/31/10

I am extremely pleased with my cut and color by Jo. I had been overpaying at a New York City salon and eventually just stopped getting my hair highlighted when it became unaffordable. When I saw all the great reviews for the Jo Bruno salon I decided to give it a try, and I am so glad I did! Jo gave me back my blond that I love, plus a great cut, at a reasonable price. As an added bonus, the salon has a great communication system with appointment reminders, and directions, etc. Great experience all the way around!

naturallycurly.com 5/26/10

Found Jo Bruno salon after doing a search for a local salon that specialized in curly hair. I am ECSTATIC to have found them - after years of bouncing from salon to salon searching for a stylist that makes sense of curly hair, there is an end to the journey! Jo cut my hair dry, then Jane styled it and explained exactly how I could do it at home. It could not have been a better experience, and Jane's instructions make it so easy to do every day.

email 5/26/10

What could I possibly say about Luvena that has not already been said? She is charming, witty, makes you feel like you have been her friend forever and most importantly, she listens and respects your requests. Wow! And what skills! She did a fabulous job. Luvena did not put on airs and act like I was lucky to be in her presence as most of the upscale salon stylist I have encountered. She asked what I wanted, did her thing and I was on my way home with the best hair color and style I have ever had. Even my daughter, who is a harsh critic, asked that I make an appointment for her and her daughter. She has been going to the same hair stylist for the past 19 years and is willing to trust Luvena with her beautiful long curly locks. My sister and niece will also be coming in from New York to see Luvena. Everyone at the shop was very friendly and pleasant. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

local.yahoo.com 5/26/10

AWESOME SALON FOR CURLY HAIR, RIGHT IN NEW HAVEN! Was ready to pay big bucks and trek down to Westport for a curly hair salon that had been recommended to me, but instead gave Jo Bruno Hair a try. Could not have been more pleased! If you follow their instructions for daily maintenance, you will no longer curse your curly hair!

email 5/25/10

I have gotten so many compliments! Including 'cute' and that I look younger. Who wouldn't love that? So very happy. Luvena was fantastic, and I will definitely be back!

naturallycurly.com 5/20/10

Just had my second trip to Luvena and my daughter's first trip to Jane. Luvena is amazing!! She cuts my 3b curls so they fall exactly where I want them every time!! My daughter's straight hair was cut for the first time by Jane and she's thrilled!! Superb and extremely knowledgeable stylists!!

maps.google.com 5/20/10

I got a haircut by Jo early this month. The haircut was great and they taught me how to style it and use different products so that my hair does not get hard and crunchy (I normally use LOTS of gel to control my curls). Overall, great haircut, great stylists, great service..!‎

yelp.com 5/20/10

This was my first time to Jo Bruno Hair and I had a wonderful experience. Jo was so patient with me and she answered all my questions regarding the styling of my hair.  I also bought all the product that she used on my hair and followed her directions and my hair looks great.  I have had so many compliments on my hair and I already am looking forward to my next appointment.

yelp.com 5/19/10

I have had horrible mall haircuts my whole life and I was about fed [up] with my dry ratty hair. I was no longer even wearing my hair down anymore. My girlfriend goes to Devachan Salon in NY and swears by it, where her stylists is a curl specialist, cutting the hair dry, curl-by-curl…I however, could not afford a $125 hair cut, so on Devachan's website, Jo Bruno came up as a retailer that sold Devcurl Products and was also not astronomical NYC prices. After looking through the website, I was impressed and wanted to take the plunge! I was able to read the bios and see the faces of the stylists. On a Monday I filled out a ‘new client form’ and requested my preferred day was Wednesday with Luvena. Tuesday I received a ‘Welcome’ email [saying] that I now had a hair appointment scheduled with Luvena for Wednesday. FAST AND GREAT! I wasn't sure what to expect of a salon known for curls, but Luvena put me at ease when I saw her full head of curls that looks awesome. She engaged in fun, interesting conversation throughout the whole haircut, which was cut dry, curl-by-curl. She was open to ANYTHING I wanted to do with my hair. I started the DevaCurl products this day and while washing my hair Luvena told me what she was using and how to use it. I was taught the little techniques that would keep my natural form of my curl. The Devacurl products are finally beginning to repair my hair of years of maltreatment. Can't wait until my next appointment, maybe I will do something crazy!! It feels nice to finally have found a hair salon that knows what they are doing (in regards to my type of hair) so Thank You!!

merchantcircle.com 5/18/10

Jesse of Jo Bruno Salon turned my horrible frizzy/wavy/curly mop into a gorgeous, casual yet updated and sophisticated hair style. She provided wonderful explanations of the proper care of curly hair and demonstrated the proper techniques and tricks to successfully recreate my new style. My previous 30 year history of very short precision hair cuts are a definite thing of the past. Thanks to Jo Bruno salon, I have embraced and am enjoying my curly hair. The salon is beautifully decorated and you instantly feel at home. The staff is warm and friendly and you know that you will be well taken care of. I will definitely return to the salon, even though it was a 1 1/2 hour drive...

maps.google.com 5/17/10

I had a great experience with Luvena. After paying an arm and leg at Noelle for years and struggling with my waves...I was happy to find Jo Bruno Salon and would definitely recommend. Love Love them. I went for a single process color and wavy cut and they both were great.

yelp.com 5/2/10

My friend suggested I try this salon because of their innovative styles. I was a little hesitant once I learned from their website that they specialize in curly hair (mine is poker straight!). My first appointment with Jane was fantastic! She really spent the time to understand my preferences and I was so pleased with my haircut!!! The salon was also really cozy and nice. A great experience overall!

local.yahoo.com 4/28/10

I have fine, curly hair and had my first cut by Jo in Janaury. Not only was it an amazing haircut, but she taught me how to treat and style curly hair. My hair has literally never looked better!! I am going back for my next cut this weekend - and will never go anywhere else!

merchantcircle.com 4/28/10

I got my hair cut at Jo Bruno in January - and my hair looks amazing. Jo was friendly and is obviously very talented. I have fine, curly hair which tends to be frizzy but between the cut and lesson on how to care for curly hair, it's never been better! I'm going back for another cut this weekend!!

yelp.com 4/28/10

I have fine, curly hair and am always looking for someone to give a good haircut. I went in a little nervous - who cuts hair when it's dry? - but left with an amazing haircut and the information I needed to style my hair on my own and to still have it look great. Jo is amazing, and it was by far my best haircut ever. I'm going back this weekend for my second cut and I can't wait!

local.yahoo.com 4/20/10
My first experience at Jo Bruno Hair was excellent. Everyone in the salon was kind and friendly and the stylists gave great advice for treating and styling curly hair. They were all very knowledgeable and took the time to learn about your hair so they could explain what would work best for you personally. I highly recommend going it will be worth it.

local.yahoo.com 4/20/10
Friendly and welcoming and a really good haircut as well. Even though they specialize in curly hair, they do a great job with straight hair too.

naturallycurly.com 4/18/10
I have naturally curly hair but never before went to a salon specializing in my hair type. Honestly, this was a revolutionary experience for me. Jane was wonderful in fixing a rather awful past haircut, explaining what about it didn't work, and educating me in how I should be treating my hair to get it to the healthiest state possible. I've always been reluctant to embrace my curls in favor of straight hair, but am now looking forward to the newer, curly me! I'll keep going back for sure.

merchantcircle.com 4/18/10
I complimented a friend on her luscious curls and she gave me the name of Jo Bruno Hair. I am so thankful! For years I've been walking around with curls/waves/frizz and have never known what to do with any of it. Jesse took the time to explain the dry cutting technique and the most flattering color for me and Voila! I feel great - finally! It's a 30 minute drive but well worth it. I am already looking forward to the next visit.

naturallycurly.com 4/16/10
I was so excited to find this place after all these years. I've never been able to take advantage of my curls and for the last few weeks since my cut I've been thrilled with how low maintenance the cut is and how easy it is to maximize my curls. Jesse was so accommodating and patient and knowledgeable and a great teacher. I will definitely be back!

email 4/16/10
Hi, I absolutely love my haircut. It's the best cut for my curly hair that I have ever had. At last I've found a salon that I love.

yelp.com 4/16/10
What a great hair salon! I called and got an appointment right away. Jo and her staff are super friendly. The salon is clean and cute.  But best of all they did a great job on my hair! Luvena washed my hair and cut it expertly. She's super friendly and more fun to chat with than a shrink. She listened to what I asked for and took just a couple of inches off with some long layers and face framing pieces. She blew out my hair and made it look gorgeous. I have naturally curly hair but I generally style it straight. I know they are known for the curly cuts but I loved the straight look she gave me. I have no hesitations about coming back or recommending this place to anyone!

maps.google.com 4/15/10
Recently moved to CT and have been growing out my hair for months... Ignoring is more like it. Went to Jesse after reading reviews for the shop and decided to take a chance. I am very glad I did because I came out with a whole new attitude about my crazy hair! AFter some simple suggestions, encouragement and a great cut from Jesse, I am quite pleased with my new style. Everyone in the whole salon was smiling and helpful. Overall, an excellent find. Prices aren't bad either!

naturallycurly.com 4/13/10
The experience there was great. I had been there before when my friend went to get her hair cut. So I was knowledgeable of their style of cut and styling methods. This was my first time there and was my stylist. It was refreshing to have a stylist ask me what I wanted verses telling me what they thought I needed. [Luvena] took her time to ask me questions about how I maintained my hair and gave me suggestions on ways to apply product and style my hair. I went in for a trim and was happy with the result. I am planning on returning to have her give me another trim in August and maybe layers. All and all there ladies of Jo Bruno are great and are willing to help curlies embrace their curl! I recommend all curlies!!!

maps.google.com 4/13/10
I've always lived in the in between zone - I have wavy hair that can be enticed into curly or straight looks. I've never had a 'curly cut' before, stylists usually do their best to straighten and fluff and spray my hair down. This time Jesse just worked with my curl, not against it (sounds cheesy but it's true!) and my curly hair has NEVER looked better. I LOVE my haircut and I'm absolutely converted to the curly hair lifestyle of live and let curl :)

yelp.com 4/8/10
As a curly haired girl I've always had problems finding the right stylist. I finally found Jesse at Jo Bruno in New Haven after years of traveling into New York . I not only loved the first cut, but I can't believe that it has grown in so well. I am looking forward to the second cut as well as trying Jesse for my color. Loved the products as well.

naturallycurly.com 3/3/10
I had been a client at Devachan in NYC for three years, but six months after moving to Connecticut, I got tired of all the time and money I was spending to continue to go to Devachan. I am so happy that I found the Jo Bruno Salon where everyone has been trained in the Deva cut and color methods. Jesse did my color and did a fantastic job matching my current color and highlights. She had some great suggestions regarding how I can tweak my color to make it more flattering and deal with the gray. I'm excited to go back next month for a color touch up and a curly cut. Also, everyone at the salon was very nice, they have a laptop if you want to use the internet while your color is processing and it's just a nice environment. Very happy I found them!

naturallycurly.com 3/29/10
A few days into going CG, I loved the curls but hated the lack of shape so I made an appointment at Jo Bruno after reading all the rave reviews. I sat down in the chair and Jo examined my hair for a few minutes then began cutting. One side of my hair has always been curlier and bigger than the other, Jo noticed this immediately and evened things out. I loved being able to see the transformation instead of waiting for my hair to be dry and styled. The haircut was super fast. They washed my hair with Deva products, put me under a dryer then Jo did her finishing touches. The whole process was very fast and I loved that no one was trying to sell me products.

maps.google.com 3/28/10
I was wary about finding a stylist who understood curls, much less for a guy. I was pleasantly surprised. I gave Jo a lot of latitude to come up with what she thought would work best with my hair, and I'm very happy with the results. I would definitely go back again...

naturallycurly.com 3/27/10
I was crying when I first sat down in Jo's chair (yes, it was THAT bad!). And I was crying when it was all done, tears of joy! What a remarkable difference. I walked out of there feeling like a model. Jo, you are a miracle worker.

email 3/27/10
I LOVE Luvena and will be back for many many more styles and cuts!! Thank you!!

naturallycurly.com 3/26/10
I went to the Jo Bruno salon for the first time last week and I absolutely loved it! Luvena was awesome and she gave me an amazing hair cut. Luvena also gave me wonderful tips on how to take care of and style my thick, curly and sometimes frizzy hair! She used the Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner on my hair and I can't believe how good it makes my hair look! I cannot wait to go back for a second time!

email 3/17/10
Luvena is Fantastic!!! I love the cut she gave me! I have my next appointment scheduled already and will be making another appointment for a color! Thank you so much!!"

email 3/12/10
This was, by far, the best haircut I have ever gotten. Luvena was great and I have been following her haircare advice. I have had a lot of compliments about my hair, which has never happened in the past, and quite a few people have asked for your number. I'll definitely be back in a few months.

merchantcircle.com 3/12/10
I have struggled for most of my adult life to find a hair stylist that understands curly hair and how difficult it can be to control. One visit to Jo Bruno with Luvena and I feel as though my problems are solved.

local.yahoo.com 3/9/10
Love my new haircut!!! Over the past few years my hair has become increasingly wavy/curly. I'd shared with past stylists that I wanted to "embrace the wave" but they always cut my hair for a straight style -- which I could never recreate. Yes, a source of frustration. Jesse was amazing at figuring out the best way to cut my hair both for the hair itself and my face. I am soooo happy with this new cut and will definitely be going back.

local.yahoo.com 3/3/10
I needed a haircut in a hurry and Jo was able to squeeze me in on short notice. I feel like I found a hidden New Haven gem. Prices were reasonable, the salon is beautiful and all staff members were delightful to deal with. My straight haircut (yes, they cut straight hair too) came out perfect and I know I'll be going back.

naturallycurly.com 2/23/10
I am soo happy! I have unmanageable 3B hair. I should say had, because with Jo's cut, it looks wonderful. I live in New York City, but didn't want the attitude and cost of NYC salons. Jo Bruno Hair is wonderful. Jo listened, and cut my hair exactly as I wished. I was going from bra length to collarbone length, and was terrified, so I asked her to be very conservative in how much she cut. She did exactly what I asked. Then it was washed, dried. Jo checked it and, bless her, was willing to cut another inch or two off to get the look I wanted. The salon is relaxed, friendly, comfortable. They respect what you, the customer want. I am very happy with my cut, and with the entire experience. And yes, they have product, but there is absolutely no pressure to buy. Did I say I love this place?!?

naturallycurly.com 2/23/10
I took my two daughters to Jo Bruno Hair this weekend after a friend gave them rave reviews. Well my friend was right, our stylist was wonderful. For the first time I was able to repeat the same beautiful style after washing. Luvena is friendly, knowledgeable and just a joy to be around. I was nervous about a dry cut on curly hair, but I no longer feel that way. The price was extremely reasonable. I have paid 2 to 3 times as much for one head in the past. We will keep coming back for years to come!!!!!!!

email 2/23/10
Thank you, I cannot begin to explain what a wonderful experience my daughters had on Saturday. They loved Luvena and their hair was so beautiful. We will definitely be back.

email 2/23/10
VERY HAPPY!!! In particular, most grateful to Jo for cutting another couple of inches off at her post-drying "check". She was conservative, as I had asked, in cutting length initially. I'll be back! Thank you so much. I suspect I'm not the only curly girl traumatized by both bad hair cuts and salons with snooty attitudes - and you've completely changed that. Bless you!

twitter 2/20/10

boyfriend spent entire night petting my newly shaved hair & staring in smitten awe. i should get my hair cut [by Jesse] more often. thanks

email 2/20/10

I love love love my hair!

naturallycurly.com 2/20/10

I was a little concerned about getting a curly cut, because I do like to have the option to wear my hair straight occasionally, but Jesse convinced me that with my waves, the cut would work both ways. She cut it while curly/wavy and dry then cleansed and styled and put me under a dryer. I emerged with the most rocking waves, and a week later when I wanted to straighten them they looked fabulous like that too. I can wash it at the gym and go straight to class and my waves look perfectly styled because of the cut. I love love love my hair cut. Jesse is just wonderful.

maps.google.com 2/17/10

Jo Bruno's salon is wonderful. The atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. I went for my first appointment and was a little nervous because I've had not so good experiences with curly hair cuts. As soon as I sat in Jo's chair, the nerves disappeared. I was treated with such kindness and I truly felt like everyone cared about how my hair turned out. Jo uses the DevaCurl method when cutting, which means she'll cut your hair dry, curl by curl. I was very impressed. My hair is very curly and thin. The cut gave my hair volume which is exactly what I was looking for. After my haircut, Jane spent time washing and styling my hair showing me step by step how to do it myself. The Jo Bruno Salon also sells the DevaCare products for less than retail or online. I did purchase the products, but there was no pressure to do so. I'm totally sold. The prices were very reasonable. I will definitely be going back for Pintura highlights.

naturallycurly.com 2/17/10

I got a great haircut. It was reasonably priced for New Haven. Jesse explained all the techniques and products she used. It was an excellent experience and I have already recommended Jo Bruno to all my curly hair friends! I can't wait to go back.

naturallycurly.com 2/15/10

Jo's cut did A LOT for my wavy hair. Five gold stars!!...Incredible!! I have wavy hair. Maybe a 2 curl, with ringlets of 3's mixed into it. Jo made my fine hair VA-VA-VOOM and I love it!!...I think the previous highlights from another salon, which I really didn't care for, look funky and stylish now. Is that possible?? The past few days since the cut I've been waking up with second day hair, which I never-ever had before. I'm so happy and grateful to live near such a great salon!!

yelp.com 2/15/10

I came into the salon with sad, winter waves, left with a cute cut that turned stellar the next day! I went here because I really like their Devachan, curly-cutting philosophy.  They use Deva Curl products and I can rest assured that they won't throw any drying products in my hair.  Jo did an AMAZING job trimming my wavy/curly hair.  I told her how I've been trying to grow my hair out and she didn't cut it too short, but DID increase the layering in such a way that I got many compliments in the days following the cut.  It looks really good, very 'Devachan!' The [price was inexpensive] for the quality of the cut. They also squeezed me in last minute, for a same-day 5:30pm appt, which I was really grateful for. I will definitely be seeing Jo on a regular basis for my trims and I'd recommend her as a stylist for anyone with wavy hair!

yelp.com 2/12/10

I've had curly hair for about 7 years now...miraculously it changed from wavy and under control to a big ball of frizz. So Ive spent 7 years trying (and failing) to subdue my hair.  My previous hairdressers were amazing but I got the feeling (and my pyramid shaped hair indicated) that they didn't really understand me. And then I moved to new haven. And met a lot of women with gorgeous curly hair!  We've all been searching around for the best curly hair cut for months now! A friend went to get her haircut here and looked sooooo great that I made an appointment that afternoon. Making an appointment was a breeze! Just go to the website, put in your availability, chose a stylist, and voila! an appointment! So I went in, sat in the chair and Luvena changed my life! Ive gone from big ol' ball of frizz to a head of gorgeous, defined, bouncy curls! She was sweet enough to manage my curls and explain to me everything she did and gave me tips to take care of my now lovely curls!  Im a total convert! I can't wait to go back!

naturallycurly.com 2/11/10

I have been to Devachan in NYC twice and my haircut by Jo at Jo Bruno Hair was as good if not better than my $125 haircut at Devachan. They do the same technique with the dry haircut and drier contraption. They also sell the Devachan products for [20%] less than they sell them at Devachan. Plus, the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly at Jo Bruno Hair, as opposed to Devachan, where I felt like I was not cool enough to be a client. I will be going back to Jo Bruno soon!

naturallycurly.com 2/10/10

I had my hair cut at another salon specializing in curly hair, and was not impressed at all. But at Jo Bruno it was a different experience and from what I've seen, all the ladies in there can cut hair, curly OR straight.

email 2/8/10

I was very impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of the entire staff and a great haircut - possibly the best ever - by Jo. Eyebrow color and wax also beautiful.

local.yahoo.com 2/4/10

I have been bouncing around from salon to salon for over a year and have finally discovered Jo. So far I love everything about Jo Bruno Hair, from booking my appointment on line with Jeff to the comfortable and friendly atmosphere of the salon. Jo gave me a great cut and color and took the time to show me tips to wear my hair wavy. And Jo has her own product line that is really good, yet inexpensive! Looking forward to my next appointment.

email 2/3/10

great experience great vibe great cut! thank you!

maps.google.com 2/2/10

...a wonderful experience. The cut is good and she did a great job of showing me how to use the products and style my hair. The salon is comfortable and cheery, and you can make an appointment online!

yelp.com 1/29/10

I love Jo Bruno Hair salon! Their ability to cut curly hair correctly saved my hair.  I always hated cutting my hair before I got a [Devachan Salon-style] cut.  Everyone there was extremely helpful.  I always got my hair cut by Jesse, who was always great with my hair. I will never let anyone cut my hair [the old-fashioned way] again!

email 1/26/10

Very happy with the haircut! Loved the staff. The salon experience was very relaxing and quite beautiful.

email 1/26/10

Fabulous! I am having the most fun with my new "curly" hair. I was searching online for a stylist trained in the Deva method and found your salon. Although an hour away, I could not be more satisfied with the entire experience. My best experience at a new salon ever. Jo is excellent- attentive, good listener and supper talented.

naturallycurly.com 1/19/10

Jo Bruno is AWESOME! They work around the clock to accommodate you, and once you're in the door they treat you like a real guest. My appointment was confirmed at 10:45pm, allowing me to get a quick cut the following day. Luvena uses the DevaCurl method when cutting, which means she'll cut your hair dry, curl by curl. I have a strong wave/soft curl and this was new for me. I'll admit, I was nervous at first but WOW, I'll never have it done another way. Afterward, she spent time washing and styling my hair so she could teach me the DevaCurl way. I'm totally sold. My hair has NEVER looked so good. The second I left the salon I called all my curly-haired relatives and friends and told them about this gem. And in case that still isn't enough to convince you, she offered me WINE while my hair dried and the entire visit [was inexpensive]. I LOVE this salon!!

email 1/19/10

...you guys are awesome and I will DEFINITELY be back!! Thanks for everything!

email 1/19/10

My first experience was GREAT! ...I love that I was able to fit in my appointment on my lunch break and was back to work in plenty of time without going over my lunch hour. On a side note, it was nice to come back with my hair done and I received a lot of compliments...Thanks again and please make sure you pass my compliments along.

merchantcircle.com 1/12/10

My boyfriend and I both got haircuts at this local new haven salon. We were greeted with kindness and easiness. I hate getting my haircut. It never looks right. I was kind of nervous about it. My hair is fine and curly. Jo, the owner, spoke with me about possibilities. I told her what I wanted. She listened and followed thru. First cut my hair dry. What an experience. I wasn’t freaking out lol!! Afterwards she washed my hair w the Deva Curl products. The drying experience was definitely unusual. had to drip dry my hair and scrunch it, flip hair up, clipped hair on top and go in dryer.... no towel dry at all. That’s the key. Got back in Jo's chair, she did some things to it and voila, it was all done. I had a huge smile on my face. I couldn't believe it. Never have I ever smiled like that after a cut. The staff was wonderful. I recommend this salon. My boyfriend never had a cut at a salon before. His 1st and we'll def be back. Thanks you guys!!!!

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